TiVo Olympic Coverage – Top Moments – August 7, 2012

Led by Aly Raisman, the USA women’s gymnastics team continued to dominate TiVo’s most-watched moments on Day 11 of the London Olympics. In the women’s balance beam finals, the bronze medal came down to a tie between Raisman and Romania’s Catalina Ponor, in which the winner was decided by who had the higher execution score. Raisman’s higher score allowed her to top Ponor for bronze on the beam, but the two continued their competition in the next televised event.

In the women’s floor exercise finals, Raisman nailed one of her best performances but then had to wait anxiously for the rest of her competitors to perform before claiming her gold medal. Again, one of those competitors was Catalina Ponor, who also gave a great performance but ended up taking silver. Moments from both the women’s floor exercise and balance beam finals contributed to the remaining 4 TiVo Top Moments for Day 11.

TiVo’s Top 5 Olympic Moments – August 7, 2012 – NBC Broadcast Prime
Rank Top Moment (NBC ET/PT) Description
1  10:57:27 PM Aly Raisman (USA) awaits her score after one of her best performances in women’s floor exercise finals. She scores a 15.600, leading to a gold medal.
2  10:09:39 PM Aly Raisman (USA) performs in the women’s gymnastics balance beam finals. She scores 15.066 after her coach Mihai Brestyan files an inquiry that leads to a score change, placing her above Catalina Ponor thus netting her a bronze medal.
3  11:17:47 PM Sandra Izbasa of Romania performs last in the women’s floor exercise finals. At this moment, she starts her last run, at the end of which she slips, resulting a penalty, placing her last in the group with a 13.333 and confirming gold for Alexandra Raisman.
4  9:48:11 PM In women’s balance beam, USA’s Gabrielle Douglas slips, dropping her to score a 13.633 and placing her 7th.
5  10:37:47 PM Sally Pearson (AUS) and Dawn Harper (USA) end the women’s 100m hurdles in a photo finish. Pearson wins the gold in 12.35s, a  new Olympic record. Harper wins silver (12.37); Kellie Wells (USA) takes bronze (12.48)
 * Top 5 moments based on live + Same Day Viewership of the olympic games on NBC

TiVo Second-by-Second Viewership – NBC Olympics Broadcast – August 7, 2012
TiVo Second-by-Second Viewership – NBC Olympics Broadcast – August 7, 2012

TiVo Second-by-Second Viewership – NBC Olympics Broadcast – August 7, 2012

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