Breaking Bad – Season 5 Premiere Expectations

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“I AM THE DANGER” – Walter White. 

After a jaw dropping season finale of AMC’s hit show Breaking Bad last October, we’ve spent the past few months re-living the first three seasons on Netflix instant, trying to assuage our withdrawal (no pun intended). Breaking Bad is finally making its epic Season 5 comeback this Sunday, July 15th.

Creator Vince Gilligan and actors have said that this is going to be the craziest season that they have delivered thus far. There are only 16 episodes left and with its fresh, witty and intelligent writing staff, each one is sure to top its predecessor.

Here’s our predictions for what’s in store …  (Spoilers!)

A recap, the short version:

Jesse (Aaron Paul) discovers that his girlfriend’s child has been poisoned, he threatens to kill Walt who he believes is the culprit behind the matter. But, Walt (Bryan Cranston) says it has to be Gus (Giancarlo Esposito), their boss, and claims, “he would never harm a child.” Walt is like a chess master and uses Jesse as his pawn, manipulating him into killing Gus, once and for all. Gus loses half of his face in a planned explosion and ultimately dies. Walt’s plan comes together, but Jesse discovers that his girlfriend’s child was poisoned by berries from a plant called “Lily of the Valley,” not by Gus. He shakes hands with Walt and they both smile at each other, leaving the audience thinking that their relationship is back to normal. Visuals shock the viewer when the show ends with a look into Walt’s backyard – stopping on the image of the same plant that Jesse’s girlfriend’s child was poisoned by. Truly visual storytelling at its finest.

What to expect:

Walter White is now in charge. He is the king and the only person left in the market of meth distribution.  After poisoning a child to have all the odds in his favor, he officially has “broken bad” and has developed into a true Anti-hero. His cancer is not the focus of the show anymore because he has now created a psychological cancer for himself and has now transformed into his alter ego, Heisenberg. With Gus gone, Walt says that “there is a market to be filled” to Jesse, who is still under his manipulative control.

There are still many unanswered questions:

What is Mike going to do and who will he take orders from? The main henchman of Gus was left in Mexico last season, but he is back. The true question is will he and Walt start working together for the sake of business. It’s important to remember that in the Season 3 finale (2010) Mike had a gun to Walt’s head.

What will Skylar (Anna Gunn) do now? After discovering the whereabouts of Walt and agreeing to get back together with him, she has been fronting the Meth money through the car wash. Will she leave Walt or continue to help his new earned position of Meth Empire?

Hank is walking (according to production photos); what is his purpose now? After being put in a wheelchair mid Season 3, Hank developed an obsession with cracking the “Heisenberg Meth” case. His suspicions were finally received with support that Gus’ “Los Pollos Hermanos” was a Meth front. But, what will happen when he discovers the shocking truth about his brother-in-law, Walt?

Gilligan has created an addicting show that makes us care about the characters, leaving viewers with a desire to follow their personal journeys wherever it takes them. The build-up of tension and suspense in this show is beyond anything else that is produced on television today and the best part is that every conflict has an excellent payoff.

Set your TiVo for a Breaking Bad Season Pass – it’s something that you’re going to want to watch again… and again.

Breaking Bad Season 5 premieres on AMC Network at 10PM EST Sunday, July 15th.

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