Breaking Bad – (Mostly) Spoiler Free Recap

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The best show on TV returned with a bang and promises us more drama. AMC struck gold with the premiere of “Breaking Bad,” getting a record breaking 2.9 million viewers, which is the highest the show has ever received.

Brilliantly using the narrative device of a “flash-forward,” Creator Vince Gilligan opens season five of “Breaking Bad” with a grizzly and Hipster looking Walter on his 52nd birthday at a Denny’s.  One of the most replayed moments on TiVo was when Walt opens the trunk of an old car and there is a Point Of View shot of him (in the style of filmmaker Quentin Tarantino) that shows a large machine gun and his face giving off an angry yet calm vibe.

The wonderful thing about the next seven episodes is that the audience does not know what is going to happen next. There was really one main conflict in the season premiere, with the return of a few new characters and a new challenge for Walt to overcome.

One of the best moments occurs when Walt is riding with Jesse and Mike in the car and they question his logic for the crime they have just committed, only for Walt to respond that everything is going to be okay “Because he said so.” The viewer gets chills, but also sees how arrogant Walt has become after killing Gus.

The satisfying thing is that Walt is not safe. He IS the danger (as he stated last season). But he has accepted that his business is a one-way path and that there is no going back. Brace yourselves, as Vince Gilligan promises to use every second in this season to make it the most intense yet.

Breaking Bad airs Sundays at 10PM on AMC Networks and we highly encourage you to set your season pass to it!

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  • bobbythegeek

    I think of Walt as confident rather than arrogant. After all, he has master-minded quite a business venture, and he is brilliant, as established in an earlier season.

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