Vampires vs. Aliens (True Blood & Falling Skies – which to Season Pass; which to watch live?)

The start of the summer has included the return of two fan favorites, HBO’s True Blood and TNT’s Falling Skies, and we could not be more excited for what’s in store.  **SPOILER ALERT**

Waiting nine long months for the return of True Blood was painful, but the season opener and seeing Detective Stabler trade in his badge for fangs in episode 2 were well worth the wait. Christopher Meloni (Law & Order: SVU) and fellow newcomer Christopher Heyerdahl (Sanctuary, The Twilight Saga) took on the difficult task of joining an already established show, and bit right into the action (pun intended). Adding multiple “big bads” this season is keeping us guessing about who will be the big threat, and we love it!

In alien related news, the highly anticipated return of Falling Skies aired last Sunday. If you remember, season one ended with Tom joining the alien spacecraft…willingly. In true sci-fi manner, the season opener threw us right back into the drama and remained action-packed and suspenseful throughout. From what we’ve seen, it’s pretty clear that season 2 of Falling Skies is going to live up to the high standards set by the first!

Stressed that these shows air at the same time on Sunday nights? We aren’t. Our TiVo is set with a Season Pass, and ready to record all the action. Will YOU be using your TiVo to enjoy True Blood or Falling Skies?

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