Father’s Day Face-Off – We have a winner!

Drumroll please…and the winner of the “Father’s Day Face-Off” is… Mr. Phil Dunphy! We had an inkling when he blew all the other comedy Dads out of the water in the first round of the Father’s Day Face-Off, but who could predict that Mr. Dunphy would also leave cutthroat (literally) competitors Dexter Morgan and Eddard Stark in the dust to become the ultimate TV Dad!

Dunphy claimed nearly double the number of fan votes than second runner-up Dexter Morgan received, while Homer Simpson and Eddard Stark were far less successful candidates. It seems that you, dear fans, ultimately appreciate a goofy, kind, “cool Dad,” and so we leave you with a classic Phil Dunphy clip to remind you just how great of a choice you made this Father’s Day:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6KMOwBBT6iA

Thanks to all for voting on the TiVo Facebook page, we could not have crowned the ultimate TV Dad without you!

Have a Happy Father’s Day!


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