Father’s Day Face-Off: Final Four

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Who will be the ultimate TV Dad?

Father’s Day is coming up this Sunday and our quest for the ultimate TV Dad continues! We’re in the final round of the “Father’s Day Face-Off,” a bracket of 16 TV Dads from our top-recorded shows — 8 comedies and 8 dramas — now voted down to the final four by our fans on Facebook and Twitter.

On Friday we opened voting on our 8 Dads of Drama. Eddard Stark of Game of Thrones was the clear winner, with Dexter Morgan as a close second (just barely edging out Walter Bishop). Both dads have had a very rough time dealing with their families, neighbors–oh and other serial killers. But they’ve managed to live their lives through a strict code. Heck, Eddard loses his head over his kids, and Dexter would literally kill for his son. That makes both of them dads you don’t want to mess with.

The TiVo community has spoken and we have our final four TV Dads to vote on and declare the winner: Phil Dunphy, Homer Simpson, Eddard Stark, and Dexter Morgan. An eclectic foursome representing the range of taste found in the TiVo community. We encourage you to do your research on these TV Dads before casting your vote. Queue up your Game of Thrones Season Pass, or Hulu The Simpsons on your TiVo box and re-watch those favorite episodes. Consider whether you would prefer your favorite TV Dad to wield a sword, or a donut?

When your decision is made, cast your vote in the comments of the final four bracket on the TiVo Facebook page!

Regardless of who wins the Father’s Day Face-Off, we hope every Dad, TV or not, has a wonderful Father’s Day!

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