Bunheads vs. Gilmore Girls

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‘Gilmore Girls’ creator Amy Sherman-Palladino premiered her latest, ‘Bunheads,’ on ABC Family this month (6/11), but it’s not just the creator and the network (where GG lives on in syndication) that these shows have in common…set your TiVo and take a closer look:

Only two-episodes into ‘Bunheads,’ Sherman-Palladino’s penchant for pop culture references and Sorkin-esque fast-talking scenes are already apparent. And in addition to repeat matriarch Kelly Bishop, we’ve also spotted Gregg Henry (Mitchum Huntzberger) as a surfer bartender and heard that Chris Eigeman (Jason Stiles) and Rose Abdoo (Gypsy) aren’t far behind. Keep your eyes peeled for who could pop up next in this who’s who of the Sherman-Palladino-verse.

We’re looking forward to a summer spent in Paradise, will your TiVo take you there?

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