“Survivor: One World”: Reminiscence is Futile

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This week, Kim Spradlin won Survivor: One World. No surprise there! One of the top moments of this finale was Kim winning the final immunity challenge to seal her victory. As Chelsea said to Kim during the challenge: “You’re a beast!”

Other than that, the finale was fairly dull. When the remaining Survivors reminisced about their former tribespeople, viewership plummeted as the TiVo nation time-shifted forward. This may be one of the most-skipped aspects of the show, suggesting nobody really wants to watch reminiscence segments. In addition, it seems Survivor might be losing a bit of its luster after 24 seasons. There was a 29% drop in viewership of this season’s finale and reunion show compared to last season. As Colton so humbly pointed out, this season “got boring” after he was medivac’ed away.

The saving grace of this season was, no doubt, Kim. She is already being called one of the best Survivor contestants of all time. So why didn’t Survivor expert Jeff Probst talk to Kim during the reunion show? For the first time, viewers were referred to the next day airing of The Talk, where Kim received her million dollar check. This gave The Talk a significant viewing boost — a 24% increase from last week’s average viewership. This seems like a great move for The Talk, but viewers missed out on what could have been a great chat between Kim and Jeff. What would you ask Kim if you had the chance?

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