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Getting ready to kickoff summer with a Memorial Day weekend BBQ? You better have some tunes ready! Remember — it’s super easy to customize your jams from Pandora using your TiVo box. If you’v never used it, Pandora is a music recommendation service that lets you create radio stations based on songs and artists you love. Play it through your TV or stereo speakers to nail the perfect musical mood for your next celebration.

Speaking of moods, why not borrow one from some of your favorite movies and TV shows? Here at TiVo, we have a pretty good sense of the best movie and TV soundtracks out there. Here are our top  singles inspire your Memorial Day soundtrack. Pop one into Pandora and let the magic happen!

Movie Tracks

In Motiom, The Social Network (electronica)

Paka UaThe Descendants (acoustic)

Back in Black, Iron Man (rock)

TV Show Theme Songs

I’ll Be There For You from Friends (The Rembrandts)

I’m No Superman from Scrubs (Lazlo Bane)

Fresh Prince by Will Smith

What song will you play to kickoff a custom Pandora station this weekend?


To access Pandora on your TiVo:

From all TiVo Premiere boxes: Go to TiVo Central > Music & photos > Pandora
From any device other than a TiVo Premiere: Go to TiVo Central > Music, Photos, & Showcases > Pandora

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