HOUSE, M.D. Checks Out For Good

TV’s crankiest clinician is set to finally set down his stethoscope tonight, as Fox ends an 8 year, 177 show run with a macabre episode titled ‘Everybody Dies.’ The show has long been a TiVo favorite, as it is the number 5 most recorded show on TiVo boxes, behind Modern Family, The Big Bang Theory, American Idol and Grey’s Anatomy. More than 18% of subscribers record the misadventures of Dr. House every week. House was named the most popular current show in the world by Guinness World Records recently, drawing more than 80 million viewers in 66 countries.


For those who want to load up on House nostalgia, be sure to set your TiVo to the one-hour retrospective that will air before the final episode (with cast and crew interviews sending Dr. House off into a syndication sunset). Writers have been preparing viewers for the death of Wilson – the Dr. Watson to House’s Sherlock Holmes – over the past few episode. But will they say goodbye with one more House-style twist, or surprise us with an additional death? Reports have former cast favorites – including Jennifer Morrison, Olivia Wilde, Amber Tamblyn and Kal Penn – returning for one final appearance. Any guesses out there as to what the story-line might hold?

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