Girls, Veep Challenge Game of Thrones for TiVo Supremacy

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We were checking out our Season Pass rankings the other day. Something stood out right away – there is a whole lot of movement going on, and it’s coming from HBO’s neck of the woods.

Girls, the Lena Dunham vehicle that has critics fawning, started without much notice on TiVo box Season Pass lists, all the way down as the 1127th most recorded show. But what a difference a week can make. Girls moved up 733 positions by the next week, and then all the way up to 269th this past week (from 1127th!).

A similar incursion can be found with the critically admired Veep, which premiered on HBO back on 4/22 at 639th on our list. In just one week, it jumped 439 spots, and then rose again, landing at 156th. Can Girls or Veep crack the top 100? That’d be a feat to match Game of Thrones, another HBO show being recorded on TiVo boxes across the country. The show started ranked 119th for premiere week, and now is up to 74th. Can Game of Thrones be challenged? We’ll keep an eye on Veep and Girls to see if they start to threaten the Iron Throne. It would be no small feat.

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