And the Winner of American Idol Is…

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…announced tonight! (Sorry, we just couldn’t resist a little Ryan Seacrest-style drama.)

The moment Idol fans have been waiting for since January will be announced tonight on FOX, when either Phillip Phillips or Jessica Sanchez will be crowned as Season 11’s champion.  If our TiVo viewing data is any indication, it may be Phillip’s moment of glory. Why, you ask?

At the start of last night’s show, Seacrest explained that Phillip and Jessica’s performances would be divided into three rounds — six performances total. Taking a look at all six performances of the night, the top-watched moments were:

1) Phillip’s final song, “Home.” It stole the show, the judges’ hearts, and earned the night’s only standing ovation.

2) Phillip’s first song, “Stand by Me.” The judges gave the round to Jessica, but TiVo viewers thought differently.

3) Jessica’s would-be first single, “Change Nothing.” The judges didn’t think this song was right for Jessica, but TiVo viewers seemed to disagree.

So, Idol fans, two out of three top moments go to Phillip. Will he win the glory, or be outshone by the lovely Jessica? The answer is coming…so set your TiVo box.

TiVo out!

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  • Tasha De France

    Hello Philip,
    I have been a long time fan of American Idol.
    My Husband and I always predict the winner.
    I knew from the first show that you were the winner.

    I am excited to hear your songs when published.

    Philip, I knew you the one.

    Tasha De France

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