ABC’s Cougar Town Migrates to TBS, Airs Finale

Last night’s season finale of Cougar Town marked the last episode that will air on ABC. The show was teetering on the edge of cancellation since the day it premiered, but dedication by its writers, cast, crew and fans have prevailed. Next season, the Cul-de-sac Crew’s escapades will be airing on TBS. Currently #81 on TiVo’s top recorded shows (via Season Pass rankings), Cougar Town definitely has a following — especially among those looking for a post-Friends Courtney Cox fix. But how much has changed since last time we wrote about Cougar Town?

This season wrapped up with a tribute to Bill Murray’s Groundhog Day, a bachelorette party, a memorable 21st birthday celebration, a trip to Napa and a wedding “on the move.” Sound exhausting? We’re not finished yet. The finale was also rounded out with a couple of memorable cameos, including David Arquette (former husband of Courtney Cox), and TVLine’s Michael Ausiello. The question on our minds is this: will the move to TBS knock the show from its #81 perch? No matter what happens, we can count on one thing: the name “Cougar Town” will never make sense.

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