For the first time ever XFINITY On Demand from Comcast now available to San Francisco Bay Area TiVo and Comcast Customers!

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Unprecedented offering combines traditional TV programming, Xfinity On Demand and everything you love from the web all through the easy-to-use TiVo interface. You can’t get it anywhere else!

For the first time ever, TiVo and Comcast have come together to offer San Francisco Bay Area customers access to Xfinity On Demand, joining other great web entertainment options all wrapped together in TiVo’s innovative user interface through the one box that does it all — TiVo Premiere.

With the combination of traditional TV content, an ever-growing amount of web entertainment and Comcast’s industry-leading Xfinity On Demand content library, users now have the most complete TV experience and unprecedented entertainment options through the easy-to-use TiVo service.

Beginning today and over the next few weeks, existing TiVo Premiere and Comcast customers in the Bay Area will automatically receive this update to their DVR and will have access to the Xfinity On Demand library.

TiVo Premiere subscribers in additional markets across the country are expected to have access to the XFINITY On Demand library in the coming months. Visit to learn more or to sign up for notifications when XFINITY On Demand becomes available on TiVo Premiere in additional areas.

TiVo Premiere can be purchased from Best Buy or direct from TiVo by calling 1-877-BUY-TIVO (1-877-289-8486) or visiting

* In addition to the TiVo service, TiVo users will continue to pay a separate monthly bill for Comcast services. To get Xfinity On Demand a TiVo Premiere DVR is required along with a subscription to Xfinity TV Digital Starter or above (which includes access to Xfinity On Demand at no additional charge).

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  • TM

    Please oh god please bring this to Cablevision. We’ve been through numerous super flaky CV boxes – they just flat out stink. I’d love to get a Premiere Elite but my kids are completely hooked on the free VOD and would mutiny if they couldn’t watch all those shows. (no I can’t afford both a TiVo and a cv DVR).

  • EricS

    Why only The Bay Area?

  • GaryG

    I was under the impresstion that CableCard would not allow the communication required to support On Demand and Pay-per-View and that TiVO premier required CableCard. Is this a technology change with CableCard? Will this technology be available for services like Frontier FIOS and other providers?

  • RossO

    @GaryG I think it’s reasonable to guess that the On Demand service is being delivered via a pure TCP/IP connection, just like YouTube or the other Internet Video services. CableCard is used for the streaming protocols for the ‘live’ channels. The other providers will likely need to create a generic Internet-facing service that TiVo can tap into before this becomes available. Comcast had already been doing a lot of work in that area, so they’re probably leap-frogging over most of the rest of the providers.

  • Kevin O'Shea

    Can someone clarify ‘San Francisco Bay Area customers’? Does this include San Jose?

  • Robert

    So YouTube got booted from the TV, Movies & Videos list?

  • Kyle Peterson

    Houston next!!!!

  • Steven Payette

    I’m in Sacramento just 90 miles east of the Bay area. If it works there maybe Sac will be next.
    Gary- I think they can use the internet connection for the return connection, just guessing.

  • MegaZone

    TM – It isn’t up to TiVo, the MSO controls access to their VOD systems and would have to make a deal to allow TiVo to do this.

    EricS – That’s Comcast, they’re rolling it out one service area at a time. They have to update their head end VOD systems to support this.

    GaryG – CableCARDs have always been two-way, but UDCPs like TiVo are not allowed to have a transmitted. Nothing has changed there. MSOs supported VOD on TiVo as using an IP back channel for control signalling which requires new support on the head end. So it is an end-run around the UDCP limitations.

  • Aaron

    @GaryG: The CableCard limitation you speak of is because until recently, they’ve been “one-way” communication, but I heard a few months back that there were bidirectional CableCards coming, so I imagine that’s what they’re using. Presumably, to take advantage of this service, you’ll have to have your CableCard swapped if it’s more than a few years old (probably at least part of the reason why it’s for the Premiere only).

    That said, I’d love to get this functionality on my TiVo HD. It’s frustrating that as soon as the TiVo Premiere came out, they’ve completely abandoned the perfectly capable Series 3 / HD. They barely even acknowledge its existence. It’s infeasible to port every new feature to every older model, but some level of support – or at least acknowledgement and a final word that they don’t plan to bring any new improvements to the HD – would be nice.

  • Doria McGahey

    Seattle area anxiously awaits this feature!!!!!

  • Xn0r

    I’m a Comcast customer and Tivo Premier Elite owner in Santa Clara, CA (95054).

    I can verify that the Xfinity On Demand function is working for me, and that it does NOT use my internet connection for video streaming! It uses the same functionality of the cable box.

    Based on previous posts, it looks like the signaling is done via one’s internet connection. I haven’t verified that yet but will presume it’s true. 🙂

    One limitation I’ve noticed is that you can’t fast forward. However you can rewind. Unfortunately, when you pause the video, it doesn’t continue to buffer. This isn’t too surprising, since the cable box On Demand feature’s FF function isn’t very good either (it’s rather slow. Takes quite some time to FF to near the end of the show).

    Anyway, it looks like I might be able to get rid of the cables boxes, the main purpose up until now was so that I could use the On Demand features.

  • Jacob

    Just signed up for Xfinity Comcast to replace surewest service provider. customer relations said i could buy a Tivo Premier HD DVR instead of renting one from them for ~$16 per month. Do i have to pay for the tivo service in addition to the Xfinity services if i chose to get the TiVo premier box route? Elk Grove – just south of Sacrmaento.

  • Todd Czajka

    I am a TIVO customer in Philadelphia – AKA Comcast Country. I can’t wait for this service to be available in my area so I can make use of my Tivo Series 3 DVR that is now sitting in the closet – I have a TIVO Premiere and need to have a comcast DVR in order to get on-demand – once this is available the comcast box is getting returned – TIVO is the best.

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