‘Glee’s’ “Somebody I Used to Know” Top Video on YouTube

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When we saw the number one YouTube video of today, we had this moment – “oh right! Glee is coming back!” We’d been wondering and wondering when we could Gleek out again, and then spring came, and with it, new episodes!  That’s right, the kids will be back at McKinley this coming Tuesday, and over 2.1 million people have already gotten a sneak peek of Darren Criss and guest star Matt Bomer sing a haunting duet of “Somebody I Used to Know.” Still number seven on TiVo’s Most Recorded list, we know we’re not the only ones psyched to get our Glee back!


Interestingly enough, this is not the first time this song has ended up on the top of YouTube’s charts. Back in February, Walk Off the Earth’s one-guitar rendition of the song got over 45 million views in a month. Um…yeah.

Don’t wait until Tuesday to see some Glee on the big screen. Find this YouTube video on your TiVo and watch it now!

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