FOX Turns 25: Anniversary Lineup, and Ryan Seacrest’s Glorious Smile

FOX’s 25th anniversary special is this Sunday, April 22, which means we’re in for an old school TV lineup packed with plenty of nostalgia. Ever wish you had TiVo back when Married…With Children first aired in 1987? Missed your chance to record all your favorite episodes of That 70’s Show? Well, here’s your chance to get those classic gems. Ryan Seacrest is hosting the event, accompanied by special guests like Hugh Laurie (House) and Kelsey Grammer (Fraiser).

The special starts at 8 p.m. Sunday (EST) so get your TiVo engines running. With “most memorable” scenes from FOX shows, cast reunions and a re-aring of The Simpsons 500th episode, we can’t wait to see the most recorded moments. Will it be a surprise guest appearance, or maybe a huge glistening smile from Ryan Seacrest? Check it out in real-time, or better yet – with a TiVo time shift!

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