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Ben Baily in Cash CabIt was a sad day when we found out Discovery Channel’s hit game show Cash Cab will no longer producing new episodes. One part reality, two parts game show, Cash Cab and its infamous host Ben Bailey held a pretty dedicated following of fans. After all, who can resist a game show that drives around in a big yellow minivan?

When it comes to reality TV, Discovery Channel really has you covered. From auctioneers to deadly sharks, there’s something for everyone. Here’s a review of some Discovery Channel favorites you might not have seen. Go ahead. Throw one on the TiVo. You know you want to.


MythBustersSeason Pass Rank: 103rd
If you’ve never seen MythBusters, you’re missing out on some awesomeness (the 5% of TiVo owners with a Season Pass could tell you). Two dudes — Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage — are out to prove (or disprove) urban myths, and you’re along for the ride. Full of gadgets, explosions, and one enviable mustache, MythBusters never fails.

Deadliest Catch; Season Pass Rank: 118th

Who ever thought you could make a reality show out of crab fishermen? Discovery did. Right behind MythBusters, 4% of TiVo owners have a Season Pass. Sure, the crabs are kind of freaky, but we dare you to try and stop watching. Deadliest Catch is going strong on 8 seasons, so it’s about time you tuned in to check it out. We hope you like crab.

Man Vs. WildSeason Pass Rank: 323rd

If there’s ever been a “don’t try this at home” sort of show, Man Vs. Wild is it. In each episode, host Bear Grylls treks his way out of a isolated region of the wilderness, getting by on his wits and ridiculous knowledge of everything survival-related. Sure — it’s ranked a little lower than the others (1.5% of TiVo owners have a Season Pass), but Man Vs. Wild gets a big thumbs up from us as a Discovery classic.

Don’t see your favorite Discovery Channel show here? Let us know what we missed!

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