’30 Rock’ Breaking News Live: East vs. West

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On Thursday night, fans of 30 Rock got a special treat: a fully live episode (the first since 2010), aired separately on the east and west coasts. 30 Rock took advantage of the two-part broadcast, switching up some celebrity cameos from Kim Kardashian (west coast), Paul McCartney (east coast) and Brian Williams (west coast). The live show was made even more memorable with visits from SNL alums Amy Poehler and Jimmy Fallon, who put their own unique spin on characters Liz Lemon and Jack Donaghy.

Some of the top TiVo moments include Jon Hamm’s guest appearance with Tracy Morgan in a classic Amos ‘n’ Andy skit, and Kim Kardashian’s passing mention of her infamously popular Twitter handle. Blogs have been buzzing around the excitement of a non-live show being aired live. Chatter includes comparisons of the two versions of the show, such as the hilarious “Breaking News” segment guest starring Jon Hamm and Brian Williams. Here are the two clips, from NBC.com. Who do you think pulls it off the better? We’re big fans of Brian Williams giving dead pan punchlines!

 West Coast version: Breaking News


East Coast version: Breaking News


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