Is “Botting” Responsible For This Week’s Number One YouTube Video About Taylor Swift?

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If you get a sec, pull up YouTube on your TiVo. There’s an interesting video topping the charts this week. Well, interesting may be a strong word. The video itself isn’t as interesting as what’s happening with the video. “I Love Taylor Swift – Love Declaration and Reasons Why You Are Awesome” has gotten over 9.5 million views so far. And really? It’s just a young guy declaring his love for Taylor Swift and why she’s awesome (hey, truth in advertising, right?). Not only that, but user F7Mx has another video in the top of the charts today, his “Cyber Bully Awareness” video  (8,428,665 views), which is a response to his “Pitbull Exposed” rant (4,340,139 views). So how is this guy getting so many views?

On each of the videos, he claims that someone is botting him, and we’re inclined to believe him. If you’re not familiar with botting (essentially, buying views), this video should give you a better idea of how it works. The interesting thing is that people normally bot their own videos, or pay a company to garner more views. But those numbers are more in the hundreds of thousands, not millions. We’re not exactly sure why someone would bot someone else’s account like this, but it does speak to the phenomenon that is YouTube – a few days ago F7Mx just had a channel and a Twitter account. Today he’s everywhere. Ah, the power of the Internet, right?

What’s your take? Is he for real? How many videos on the front page do you think are the result of bots? And do you feel a sudden need to declare your love for Taylor Swift?

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