NBC’s ‘Community’ Makes a Triumphant Return with TiVo Viewers

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Ah, all is right with the world again. Community is back! And not only that – you watched! The weird little show that could saw its highest ratings of the season last Thursday, with just under 5 million people tuning in. Granted, CBS was airing the NCAA tournament instead of its usual programming, but we choose to be optimistic. Also, it seems some people couldn’t decide: @FlinnShady “Community returns AND NCAA tourney…save me TiVo, you are my only hope.”

Our active Twitter feeds tell us that TiVo viewers were psyched to have their Community back, and the numbers back that up. Moving up four spots on our Season Pass rankings, Community now holds strong at number 79. And for its premiere week, the show is ninth in our time-shifted programming rankings. Now if you could just keep watching, please? #sixseasonsandamovie

There has been some debate as to whether Community should scale back on its existential antics if it has a chance of being renewed. But judging by the (awesome) trailer for the rest of the season, we’d say they’d rather be themselves than be renewed. Obviously, both would be preferable.

Did you watch the new Community? Are you in it for the long haul or did you long ago switch over to The Big Bang Theory? Tell us in the comments!

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