Justin Bieber Topping YouTube Charts with ‘Boyfriend’ Single

The Biebs is all grown up! And the grownup version of America’s favorite heartthrob likes fondue. Like, a lot.

Now a very adult 18, Justin Bieber released his new single earlier this week, and so far, it seems to be catching on. The song, complete with a picture of him that made us go “whoa, he really is 18!” is the number one YouTube video of the week, with nearly six million views thus far. It was also the number one video of the day earlier this morning, but was bumped to number two by a jumping robot (which, we have to admit, is pretty cool/perhaps how the cylons started out?)

Our Twitter feeds tell us that people are seriously loving the new Biebs, and can’t get enough of him on YouTube, the radio, and Pandora. But if you, like a lot of us, need a little help…understanding just how important fondue (or Buzz Lightyear!) is to a budding teen romance, check out the Washington Post’s apt translation of the new hit.

So what about you? Care to admit how many times you’ve listened? Or shall we never speak of it again?

Also, do yourself a favor. Call up YouTube on your TiVo so you can watch the Biebs on the big screen.



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