The Walking Dead Midseason Premiere Sets Ratings Record

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Well, it looks like we know what everyone else was watching on Sunday night. AMC’s The Walking Dead broke cable ratings records with the show’s midseason premiere. Even up against the also-record-breaking Grammy Award’s telecast. That’s a lot of zombie fans!

TiVo data shows that for the Season 1 premiere, the show didn’t even register in the top 500 or top 3000 of our season pass list. But by the time Season 2 rolled around, season pass requests put the zombie hit at number 129 in the top 300. In other words, the show gained quite the following during that first season. This is also reflected in our Twitter feeds, where TiVo viewers like @georgeasaurous are saying lots of stuff like this: “Just realized I have Walking Dead on TiVo. #winning”

What all this tells us, besides that people clearly still love zombies, is that this show is no joke. The milestones hit Sunday only broke the show’s own records, set during the Season 2 premiere last October. So it seems like our zombie friends aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. We’re not mad. Have you seen this show? It’s awesome!

Are you watching Walking Dead? Burnt out on zombies? Or are you just glad it’s not another vampire show?!


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