M&M’s “Sexy and I Know It” commercial and M.I.A.’s Super Whoops make a comeback!

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What a difference a week makes. The big game may be over, and the ticker tape long gone, but there are two Super Bowl conversations that are still very much happening: the commercials and M.I.A.

M&M’s “Sexy and I Know It” commercial may have ranked number two during the big game, but it now holds the number one spot on YouTube. By our numbers, the most-watched commercial of the big game was the Doritos “Man’s Best Friend” commercial, followed by M&M’s “Sexy and I Know It.” But as the week progressed, the Doritos spot has only managed to rack up 1.7 million views on YouTube. Only, you say? We know, that’s still a lot of views, but it’s nothing compared to the 11.4 million people who have watched Ms. Brown’s debut online!

Speaking of taking number one spots…its official M.I.A.s “finger incident” during the Super Bowl has beat out Tom Brady’s last-minute Hail Mary as the most watched moment. This week’s mainstream media coverage around M.I.A.’s finger flip was mind-boggling, and the continued coverage has pushed more and more of you back to your TiVo DVRs to review the bird yourselves.


*This is a chart of 30 seconds before and after the MIA finger incident and each line represents another day of aggregated viewing.

*This is a chart of 30 seconds before and after Tom Brady’s Hail Mary pass and each line represents another day of aggregated viewing.

Congratulations Giants, M&Ms and M.I.A. for your exceptional wins this season!

Since we’re still talking about it, what Super Bowl commercials and moments have you gone back and watched again since Sunday?

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