Steven Tyler’s Star Mangled Banner and American Idol’s Rating Victory

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Wow! From CBS and FOX to the socialsphere, American Idol was everywhere last night!

American Idol’s own Steven Tyler kicked off the Patriots-Ravens game on CBS with a questionable rendition of the “Star Spangled Banner,” or “Star Mangled Banner” as @paisleyfred tweeted. After botching some of the lyrics and sounding generally a little screechy, Twitter and the blogosphere were all lit up with critiques of the rocker’s take on the national anthem. Our fave? Actor @MJMcKean – ‘“Nailed it!” – Steven Tyler, only.’

The irony of Steven Tyler’s less-than-stellar singing performance on CBS being followed by him judging other vocalists on FOX’s American Idol was not lost on Tyler’s critics. In fact, many of them pointed out that Tyler would likely not make it on his own show.

With the football delay, American Idol didn’t get started until almost 11pm last night, following the NFC Championship game that saw the Giants beat the 49ers in overtime. But with a big lead-in audience from the game, and a show featuring none other than Jim Carrey’s daughter as a contestant, the ratings for this week’s episode were pretty good. In fact, let’s do a little math, shall we?

The third episode in season 11 brought in 17.7 million viewers, and scored a 5.7 rating in the 18 – 49 demo. This is down quite a bit from last season’s third episode, which brought in 25.3 million viewers and a 9.2 share. And before you go and blame the game, Idol’s numbers have been way down overall this year, with the premiere episode featuring a 27 percent drop in viewership from last year. In fact, this week’s ratings are pretty on par with last week’s Friday episode, which had exactly the same 17.7 million viewers, and a 5.6 rating. What does all this math equal, you ask? While the show’s viewership may be down slightly overall, it’s still pretty huge, and the fans that have stuck around are loyal. They don’t care what time it’s on! They’re still tuning in!

As @PaulKimMusic tweeted, “Yes, I did TiVo American Idol tonight, and am excited to watch it. Still got tons of love for the show!”

See? The math works.

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  • jaccarrino

    i actually liked it. but he prob would have sounded better if his full band was playing with him and he wasnt just singing over a track

  • Janey Smith

    Thanks for the info, wow that was surprisingly!

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