Sorry Obama, “Human Radar” Beats State of the Union for Top YouTube Video Slot Today

This is what we love about the Internet. On YouTube’s list of most popular today, two videos have been alternately sharing the number one spot – Obama’s State of the Union address (last count, 1,637,549 views), and (the current leader) this very bizarre, but oddly endearing video of a man dressed as a human speed radar (last count 1,662,774 views, and spoiler alert…it ends with an arrest!).

Between this and his upcoming YouTube Interview, President Obama is all over the web, sharing space with human radars, mangled banners, and hardcore 8-year-olds who have far more views than the president.

What are you watching today? And do you watch them on the small screen or the big screen? Either way, we hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed that Frenchman getting arrested for his…art?

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