New Fall TV Series Battle the TiVo Season Pass List

With Fall TV in full swing and people setting their TiVo® DVRs to record, TiVo took a closer look at the top “Season Pass” list* to see which new fall shows are being recorded most often. While none of the new shows cracked the top 10 list (in which “Modern Family” recently took the top spot from “Grey’s Anatomy”), CBS’ “Person of Interest” is the top ranked new program, coming in at #22 on the current Season Pass** ranking. Here is the current top list:

  • #22: “Person of Interest” on CBS
  • #29: “Terra Nova” on FOX
  • #31: “Pan Am” on ABC
  • #33: “Revenge” on ABC
  • #45: “Once Upon a Time” on ABC
  • #47: “Unforgettable” on CBS
  • #48: “The New Girl” on FOX
  • #51: “The X Factor” on FOX
  • #60: “Up All Night” on NBC
  • #62: “2 Broke Girls” on CBS
  • #69: “Prime Suspect” on NBC

What is your favorite new show this season?

*The Season Pass feature lets users automatically record every episode of a particular series.

**Season Pass list as of 10/31/11 (can change weekly)

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