TiVo Unveils Details of its Newest Product: TiVo Premiere Elite

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We are proud to introduce the newest member of the TiVo® Premiere family, the TiVo Premiere Elite.

This new product is TiVo’s first and only DVR with four digital tuners allowing for simultaneous recording of four different shows while viewing a fifth recorded program. Plus, its industry-leading two-terabyte hard drive allows for up to 300 hours of recorded HD programming, that’s two times more recording space than current offerings.

The TiVo Premiere Elite maintains TiVo’s gold-standard, easy to navigate user interface, integrating Web entertainment from Netflix, Pandora, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, YouTube, and much more.

Pending FCC approval of TiVo’s request to waive a requirement to include analog tuners, The TiVoPremiere Elite will be available by the end of the year through tivo.com, authorized home theater installers and Magnolia stores nationwide.  For more information on the product and to sign up for notifications of availability please visit www.tivo.com/elite.

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  • Eric

    Will it also have a functional HDUI? because the current one is horrible.

  • Mariane

    Would have been nicer if you had fixed the green circle of death and can’t find internet connection problems with the Premiere HD menus before going to this step.

  • Dan Clarke

    Sweet. But why no built in wireless? Would also love playon or Fox Soccer.tv or Vudu or MLB . TV support 🙂

  • Jake White

    Wish I was not locked into a contract with my current TiVo Premiere. I would love to have 4 tuners!

  • Tim

    Really looking forward to this model! Four tuners would be super.

  • Wallace Lawton

    What happened to the DirecTV Tivo?

  • Keiko

    Great upgrade, but why only compatible with digital cable? With cable companies improving their DVR’s, your sustainable niche of the future seems to be over-the-air folks like me. With the mixed reviews on the premiere, I’m not sure what to do with my current HD tivo box and soon-to-expire subscription.

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