TiVo’s Best Bet Recordings: July 11, 2011

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There’s a whole lot of exciting television this week. From new series like Alphas to the 2011 MLB All-Star Game ! So get that TiVo® DVR ready for some great television. Here is what you can look forward to this week:

The Closer – In the premiere of what will be the series’ last season — although many of the characters will resurface in the spinoff “Major Crimes” — Brenda (Kyra Sedgwick) and her colleagues investigate the owner of a hip-hop record label when one of his performers and six bystanders are shot. As Chief Delk (Courtney B. Vance) announces a reorganization of the department, Brenda is named in a lawsuit against it in “Unknown Trouble.”

How the States Got Their Shapes – The season finale, “Mouthing Off,” isn’t about the shapes of states as much as the shapes our mouths take when we talk. Host Brian Unger explores the fascinating differences in accents and vocabulary across the United States, seeking answers to such questions as why the Southern accent didn’t exist until after the Civil War and why some people call carbonated soft drinks “soda” while others say “pop.”

Love in the Wild – Who decided that love and snakes were a good combination? Obviously someone who never heard of Adam and Eve. In this new episode, the remaining couples have only a compass to help them locate their supplies they need to cross Lake Arenal and make their way to Snake Island, where they must deal with a wrecked airplane and a lot of slithery creatures to get to the finish line. Where’s Samuel L. Jackson when we need him?

Burn Notice – Michael (Jeffrey Donovan) and company are on the case when a hacker frames Barry’s (Paul Tei) brother for a server heist. Step one: Track down the hacker’s computer as soon as possible. Grant Show (“Melrose Place”) and wrestler The Big Show (no relation) guest star in the new episode “No Good Deed.”

Outrageous Food – In the new episode “The Seven and a Half Pound Steak,” host Tom Pizzica is in Las Vegas to try finishing off the titular 120-ounce hunk of meat. He also visits a lodge in Golden, Colo., where they grow the ghost chilies for their famous wing sauce in the basement, and a Chicago pizzeria that serves up a five-pound panzarotti, which is like a crispy calzone.

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