TiVo and Comcast Team Up to Offer Xfinity On Demand Library to TiVo® Premiere Users   by

Great news! TiVo and Comcast are officially working together to give TiVo Premiere DVR users access to Comcast’s Xfinity TV On Demand library. For the first time, Comcast customers in select markets will be able to use the TiVo Premiere box to enjoy a fully integrated offering combining traditional TV programming, Xfinity On Demand, and a range of broadband services, all accessible with TiVo Premiere’s universal search and HD user-interface.

Comcast will make its Xfinity TV On Demand service accessible on TiVo Premiere set-top boxes in many of its largest markets, with the first expected to be the San Francisco Bay Area with a plan for additional markets to follow.  Comcast will install TiVo Premiere set-top boxes purchased at retail with its cable service at no additional charge when the service is available in those markets.

Are you a Comcast customer excited to get Xfinity On Demand on your TiVo Premiere? Go here to find out if Xfinity On Demand is available on TiVo Premiere in your area, or sign up to get an email reminder for when it is!

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  1. Xfinity says:

    That is great news. My mom loves her TiVO and would never get rid of it so she will happy to get some added features with it. As for me, I am all about the Xfinity iOS app, on demand is on the go!!

  2. Kyle Peterson says:

    What is the current status of this?

    How many cities is it currently available in?

    When is it going to get to Houston?



  3. William W. says:

    So… where is it?
    It has been 4 months. My guess this was typical stock price bump PR and will never actually come to the TiVo.

  4. Randy says:

    So there has been no further talk about this for four months. Any updates? Is this planned for more markets by the end of 2011?

  5. D R says:

    Just checked with TiVo — its rep doesn’t know when this will ever happen or if we will have to buy yet another NEW Tivo box. Also note that, according to Tivo’s website, the Comcast box that is equipped with Tivo, which is currently on the market in Nw England, does NOT have access to Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, Hulu, etc. I’m not holding my breath.

  6. miwi98 says:

    I am losing my mind with the Digital Premiere and u r selling this? I would lose my mind :). This is a great piece of electronic and a dream come true.

  7. miwi98 says:

    ICAN, I just found out (through TiVo FaceBook) that Comcast and TiVo signed the contract and will start in the SF area first then it will spread to other areas. I have the TiVo Premiere and Comcast’s Motorola DVR because I could no longer use my TiVo Series 2 as a “dual turner” with the DTA box. When TiVo can get OnDemand Videos in my area then bye bye Motorola DVR.

  8. Michael says:

    Well as of today you cannot get this and so I think it was just hype….Tivo claims its boxes are just one way.

  9. Rob says:

    Please finish this! It’s getting harder and harder to justify my tivo premier while paying for onDemand…

  10. Suzanne says:

    Heaven help you if you want cable with the older dual tuner series3. Comcast will NOT provide you the needed cable cards. You have to use their digital receiver.

  11. Tom says:

    Oh great, yet one more thing the Premiere does that the HD Tivos can’t. Enjoy the love now Premiere owners. Wait until they come out with some new level of box and stop making new stuff for you. So glad I spent several hundred dollars on the HD box only to have the Premiere come out 6 months later and not enjoy any “upgrade” experience….

  12. TravisD says:

    Still nothing on this?

  13. TM says:

    this has been an ongoing hoax since I bought my series 3 back in 2008, at that time they where going to have an external device to hookup and provide OnDamand and also starting in San Francisco Bay Area. I guess it never left the area!

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