Virgin founder shares his love for TiVo in Tech Radar exclusive

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Virgin founder Sir Richard Branson has told TechRadar that he thinks the new TiVo-powered Virgin Media boxes are so good that “the only problem is whether I have to sell my island to move to a place where I can get TiVo.”

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Branson: Virgin Media TiVo is a weapon against Sky – By Patrick Goss – Tech Radar

Exclusive: “So good I’m thinking of moving home”

Virgin founder Sir Richard Branson has told TechRadar that he thinks the new TiVo-powered Virgin Media boxes are a weapon that can be used to convert thousands of Sky customers.

Virgin Media launched its TiVo box at the very end of 2010, although very few boxes are in the market at the current time.

As more and more customers get the next-generation set top box, Virgin Media will begin the push for the new equipment, which has already wowed critics with its feature set, including a backwards EPG, searchable content and, crucially, the famous TiVo suggestion functionality.

A weapon against Sky

“I think that it is fantastic,” Branson told TechRadar and T3 in an exclusive interview.

“There’s numerous things one can do and I think that we have finally got a weapon that can give Sky a run for their money.

“We may well get thousands of people switching over from Sky to Virgin; it’s a weapon that we’ve got that they can never develop which obviously gives us a bit of an advantage.”

Moving places?

The British entrepreneur was getting his first taste of the technology when we met him, and was wondering just how he could take advantage of the service from his normal base of his privately-owned Caribbean paradise Necker Island.

“The only problem is whether I have to sell my island to move to a place where I can get TiVo,” he joked.

“Someone suggested that I swap Necker Island for the Isle of Wight so I’m going to have to work out if I go that far or maybe lay an enormous cable from here to the Caribbean; that would be tremendous.”

TechRadar will be producing an extensive Virgin Media TiVo review next week.

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Showing 9 comments
  • tivo!

    Get me my Amazon Prime streaming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Denys Mace

    Perhaps Sir Richard can confirm/deny that a side-effect of VM’s tie up with TiVo is that existing UK TiVo subscribers, inluding those with so-called “lifetime” subscriptions, will now lose their service?

    I’m sure most of the many existing, and previously loyal, TiVo customers will be proud that their soon to be no more paid for service is a casuality in the just war against Sky!

  • Chris

    Sir Richard is quite right in his proclaimation that TiVo is “fantastic”.

    It’s such a shame that some dim-witted Exec has seen fit to kill off all existing UK S1 units :o(

    I’m sure that Sir Richard will understand why I’ve added Virgin group companies to my “never do business with” list.

  • Rod Payne

    I am currently running two TIVO S1 units on LIFETIME subscriptions . As I write this, one of them is quite happily working on VIRGIN MEDIA (Large TV Package), the other on FREEVIEW. I did contact VM to enquire about the “preferential offer that TIVO are saying that VM have and was told that I would have to pay £195 +£40 installation fee + £3 per month. I thought that this was reasonable UNTIL I was told that I would have to upgrade to the XL TV package at a cost of £24 per month. Half of the channels I would not watch. The other con is that the XL service is the only one that gives you all of the HD channels that are available. I think I will stick with my V+HD box Mr Branston, after all we are not all Milionaires. I am also upset that I have only ownwed my S1 Tivos for less than 5 years and paid for two LIFETIME subscriptions at £199.
    Both Tivos are working fine but I have to throw both away as of the 1st of June as they will be usless.

    Thanks Mr Branston

  • Pete77

    The comment I posted asking why Mr Branson thought it was so great that all UK S1 Tivo customers were being left with no Tivo service at all at the apparent contractual behest of Virgin just so they could make another 2,000 or so forced Virgin Tivo sales at gunpoint has not been published.

    Can I take it that censorship has now been invoked on Comments made on this blog?

  • Pete77

    Can Sir Richard or Tivo tell us what plans they have to bring Virgin Tivo service to the 50% of UK homes that do not have access to the Virgin Media cable tv system.

  • James

    I find it extremely detrimental to the TiVo brand for them to stop honouring the lifetime subscription to UK Series 1 customers. The fact that they promised lifetime service for £199 and have somehow managed to not honour it is poor to say the least.

    At a time when TiVo need good publicity why do something that is going to cause nothing but bad publicity and have a detrimental effect on the TiVo brand !!??

  • Alan

    So why did the advent of a new exclusive deal between TiVo and Virgin Media leave the old series one TiVo users who live outside of the Virgin Media network with machines that no longer work.

    It is an unfortunate side effect and a shame that Virgin seem to have instigated this shutdown.

  • Mike

    Kind of an old post to respond to but anyways

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