TiVo Celebrates Blue Moon

This week TiVo celebrates over ten years of delivering brilliant TV to you, the TiVo fans. Here is some information surrounding the history of TiVo and where we are now!

How it all began

The idea for TiVo began to take shape in the late nineties. Mike Ramsay and Jim Barton were working together on the Full-Service Network Project in Orlando, a joint venture between Time-Warner and SGI, to create the first large-scale interactive television system.

It didn’t take the two long to realize that they could build the same type of system, with far greater intelligence at a price the average consumer could afford. They planned to build an easy-to-use system that would, quite simply, give viewers control over their television programming and their time. This idea was the genesis of TiVo.

Transforming the idea into reality

Mike and Jim quickly assembled a world-class team to deliver on the promise of TiVo—blending the best of Hollywood, Madison Avenue, and Silicon Valley together to create the world’s first personal television service and bring TiVo to the masses. In January 1999, the company unveiled it’s Personal Television Service at the National Consumers Electronics Show.

Blue moon

After unveiling that first working prototype of TiVo in January 1999—and despite an estimated four to five months of work remaining to complete a real working product—TiVo’s co-founder Mike Ramsay challenged the company to ship a perfect TiVo digital video recorder (the first DVR on the planet!) by March 31, 1999.

After everyone gasped, someone pointed out that March included a “blue moon”–in this case, the second full moon in a month, and of course, metaphorically speaking, “a rare event.” As such, the engineers decided to code-name this valiant effort “Blue Moon.”

Sure enough, just as the last week of March rolled around, so did the first TiVo box, right off the assembly line. Mike declared March 31st a “national” holiday and the last Friday in March to be the official “Blue Moon” holiday for all TiVo employees henceforth. The rest, as they say, is TV history and worth repeating over and over again.


Aug 1997  Company founded as Teleworld Inc.

June 1998  TiVo Logo is created

Jan 1999  Introduced at CES

Mar 1999 First TiVo DVR is shipped

Sep 1999 Traded publicly on the NASDAQ (Ticker: TIVO)

Dec 2001 First TiVo Series2 DVR is shipped

July 2006 TiVo service wins a Primetime Emmy award

Sep 2006 First TiVo Series3 HD DVR shipped

Mar 2010 First TiVo Series4 DVR shipped

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  • Joe01880

    Happy Birthday old friend. I have been with you from the beginning. I will be with you until the end!

  • Carol Kuykendall

    One year you had a great Deal for Blue Moon….anything in the future?

  • BrainFloss

    Yay TiVo! My first TiVo was the Sony-branded 30h SVR-2000, bought with lifetime service back in late 1999. When it went out-of-warranty, I upgraded it to a dual-drive, 100+ hour workhorse that IS STILL WORKING TODAY!

  • Keith

    So when can we add “Hulu Plus” to this list?