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Are you ready to go gobble, gobble this Thanksgiving? Regardless, TiVo is here to help you get in the spirit. When you are busy watching football or cooking in the kitchen, remember to get your favorite Thanksgiving specials right through your TiVo® box. Check out the TiVo Thanksgiving collection on your TiVo Premiere box. From TiVo Central, simply go to Find TV, movies, & videos –> Browse TV & movies –> Collections –> Thanksgiving. Here are a few of our favorites that you’ll find…

HowCast: HowCast’s Food and Drink offers a number of helpful Webcasts for download such as “How to figure out what size turkey to buy,” “How to make turkey gravy,” “Easy Thanksgiving side dishes” and more.  Set up a season pass to the Webcast and find out how to grill a pizza, prepare the perfect burger, mix fancy, make your own sushi and more on the latest dish…

Barefoot Contessa: Hosted by cookbook author Ina Garten, “Barefoot Contessa” is all about simple, fun entertaining. Check out this week’s episode, Thanksgiving 2.0, to get tips on how to go back to basics on Thanksgiving potluck parties

Cougar Town: Not familiar with the show? Here’s the blurb…Jules (Courtney Cox) is a recently divorced mother facing the harsh realities of dating and aging in a youth- and beauty-obsessed culture. Having spent her 20s tackling responsibilities of marriage and motherhood, she finds that her 40s are a journey of self-discovery amid friends, family and an ex-husband who all offer advice. On this week’s episode Jules tells boyfriend Grayson that she loves him and he does not reciprocate, so she hosts a “romantic” Thanksgiving to force the moment on him.

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade: Don’t forget to watch or record New York’s 84th annual parade event featuring floats and marching bands. Celebrities scheduled to appear include Miranda Cosgrove, Jimmy Fallon and the Roots, Eric Hutchinson, Jessica Simpson and Kanye West. Meredith Vieira, Matt Lauer and Al Roker host.

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving: This hit classic is available to record or for purchase from Amazon Video On Demand.  Need a refresher on this 1973 hit? Two slices of toast, a handful of jellybeans, some pretzels – not quite what comes to mind when you think of Thanksgiving dinner…it’s not what Peppermint Patty imagines either, but that’s what she gets when she invites herself over to Charlie Brown’s house for a turkey-day feast. After chastising “Chuck” for providing such a meager meal, she ends up eating more than her words and gains a few pounds of emotional sustenance. She also learns a little bit about the true meaning of the holiday. And you will too.

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