TiVo Launches the Online Season Pass® Manager

You asked for it!  Today, TiVo is launching an online Season Pass manager that gives subscribers even more control over their TiVo® DVRs.  This new feature, specifically requested by TiVo users, allows subscribers to quickly and easily manage and transfer their Season Pass recording lists online through tivo.com.

Starting today, TiVo subscribers will for the first time be able to reprioritize or delete Season Pass recording lists via tivo.com.  Thinking of upgrading or getting another TiVo?  This new feature also allows for the easy transfer of a Season Pass recording list from one broadband-connected TiVo box to another on the same TiVo account, regardless of model.

This new tool enhances the TiVo service’s collection of Web features, such as the online scheduling feature and m.tivo.com, TiVo’s mobile site and scheduler.

Access this feature later today from www.tivo.com/SPM.

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  • Brett Murray

    Hey guys… Love the feature, but just setting up a new Roamio now (upgrading from Premiere) and after selecting the boxes and clicking “Check All” and “Copy to other box” some sort of broken confirmation dialogue box pops up. There’s no way to “ok” it! The box is not drawing right in any web browser I try. I’ve tried IE, Firefox and Chrome on PC, and Safari and Chrome on Mac. Great feature, but needs to be fixed to work with the latest browsers!