Guest blog: TV is about the music too!

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This blog post was contributed by Sam Chennault, music editor for Rhapsody

These days, TV is about more than what you see on the screen — it’s also about the music that you hear. Many of today’s top artists got their “break” after being featured on TV shows.

As your favorite TV shows are resurrected for another great fall season, Rhapsody explores the intersection of sound and celluloid. No more pausing and squinting at the credits. Rhapsody makes getting songs played on shows simple.

Hear the hottest music from such hit shows as Glee, House, The OC and more. And take a look back at the some of your favorite themes from classic TV shows. The music experts at Rhapsody’s SOUNDboard have handpicked the best music from your favorite shows and have presented them in a clean, easy-to-hear format. Click here for the full gamut. And, for a taste, check out our run-down for the most musically progressive shows of the past few years.

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