TiVo and Cox partner to offer Cox On DEMAND service to subscribers with a TiVo® Premiere box

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TiVo and Cox Communications today announced plans to integrate Cox On DEMAND service to Cox subscribers with a TiVo Premiere box. This is the first time that a cable operator will make its entire video on demand (VOD) library available via a retail DVR, and TiVo Premiere will become the first retail product to fully integrate a cable VOD service, along with linear television and broadband content accessible through the TiVo service.

As part of the agreement, Cox will support the TiVo Premiere box as an optional set-top box, and provide free installation for TiVo Premiere boxes purchased by subscribers at Best Buy and other retail and online outlets including tivo.com. Customers will still need a CableCARD for access to Cox services.

In addition to having access to Cox’s vast VOD library and TV content, subscribers using a TiVo Premiere box will also have full access to TiVo’s service features including broadband content like movies and music, remote scheduling, multi-room viewing, interactive applications and TiVoToGo™ transfer functionality.

Cox plans to make its video on demand service available on TiVo Premiere boxes to subscribers in all its major markets.

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  • Steve

    Any update on this been almost a year.

  • Whitney

    Cox On DEMAND service to Cox subscribers with a TiVo Premiere box.

    So when are we going to get an update… I’ve upgraded to your new HD premiere box and CANNOT access my cox on Demand…. feeling duped….

  • Thomas

    Any updates with this? It’s been nearly a year now.

  • Mike

    I think at 1 year, you can refer to this offically as Vaporware.

  • Karl

    I second that. It’s been OVER a year now. Your communication and follow through, as always, has been lacking. My hard drive just died in my TiVo two days ago. I’ve been doing research on whether to buy a new one, replace my current TiVo HD hard drive or switch to Moxi. You’re losing TiVo. Unless I find something compelling to make me stay today, like an actual release of this VOD scheduled for Cox, AND the Premiere Q for retailers not MSO’s only, then after 9 years as a user, I’ll be saying…Bye. The current UI is old and dated I have. The new “HD” UI is crap that I’ve used and don’t want that. Plus that’s all you give me in the new update, a new, crappier, slower UI. Yay. Premiere Q please, like 3 years ago.

  • J. Ross White

    The promise and delay is unforgivable – treating customers like you assume they will stick with you no matter what produces customers who will go elsewhere. How much dedication does Cox think we have? TiVo certainly recognizes the terrible service that Cox is famous for and has chosen to hedge their bets with other providers.

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