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Recent announcements (such as Google TV) about getting Web content to the TV are interesting, and we think it’s a great thing.  Well, I wanted to provide a quick snapshot of what we think here at TiVo.

It’s all about choice

For 10 years TiVo has provided the one thing every consumer wants: choice. Our first TiVo DVR in 1999 gave you the choice of watching shows you wanted, when you wanted, all in one box. Since then, our search tool helped you browse and discover the shows you were looking for, while other features brought you shows you hadn’t even considered before. As your interests evolved, our product choices expanded. We made hard drives bigger so you could record even more, added HD to give you the best picture possible… and that’s just with TV.

Bringing on the Web

What we find most exciting about the idea of Web content to the TV is that it’s stimulated the general public’s interest in the future TV, and specifically, all the Web-based features that we’re already offering in one box: TiVo Premiere.

With your broadband connection, we bring you the best of the Web all into one TiVo box – currently 6 million content options and counting. Netflix, YouTube, Amazon, Blockbuster and more are only one click away with your TiVo Premiere. Not up for a movie? Explore new tunes with options like Rhapsody or Pandora, which is coming soon.

The Web is always evolving, so we’ve already planned for your TiVo Premiere box’s future. We developed TiVo Premiere on Adobe Flash software and a multi-core architecture that will someday allow for third-party applications.

The final consideration? We believe this new vision of TV entertainment is only complete when you can watch both television and Web content. Why should you have to choose between one and the other? Choose the TiVo box and service and you get both.

What’s next for TiVo?

We haven’t just entered a new era of TV and Web convergence – that era started years ago. We believe the defining theme of this era is about making all the content you want television-centric, in one single approach.

The best part – TiVo makes all of this available today.

Tony Lee is VP of Marketing for TiVo

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  • LBalsam

    I have a Premier and I watch a lot of podcasts. I look forward to being able to subscribe to RSS feeds via the website, so I can cut and paste rather than laboriously selecting letter by letter.

    I would like to be able to eliminate downloading some feeds on my PC and then using Desktop Plus to transfer them.

    I had to disable to new HD menus for speed and stability. I hope the update will allow the page to finish loading quickly even if my Internet access is down.

    I also like Pandora and am psyched for that, the update and the new remote.


  • Gary

    Hi Tony,

    I am an owner of the new Premiere box. And while I like the ability to use Rhapsody and youtube. Some online features are behind the times, such as video transfer with Tivo Desktop is extremely slow and the use of media from your desktop. Using Stream Baby Stream alleviates some of this, but why should I need a third party application to do this? I would also like to see the ability to use channel ala carte, that is without Cable TV. Since, Cable is trying to go around you with their own DVRs, why not go around them with your own direct partners for internet content? That is, video on demand is fine, but streaming content of channels should be another service that you provide. I hope the current offering in Premiere is just a start, and is an promise of really great things to come.


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