TiVo Hits New Mobile Devices, Including the Apple iPad

It’s official. With TiVo® Desktop Plus software you can now transfer your TiVo recordings to the Apple iPad, allowing you to take your favorite shows with you wherever you go (Roxio Toast® Titanium software is required for Mac users). The new software also supports other portable devices such as the iPhone, the Apple iPod Touch, the DROID by Motorola, the Palm Pre and several Blackberry models.

Plus, with TiVo Desktop software you can now view folders from the PC on your TiVo DVR – a feature that users have been requesting for some time.

Several other updates are available for both TiVo Desktop and TiVo Desktop Plus. You can learn more about the updates and how to take advantage of the TiVo Desktop features by visiting www.tivo.com/desktop.

What show are you looking forward to watching on the iPad?

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  • Tina

    Do I understand this correctly? TiVo Desktop Plus is only available for Windows but you tout it for use with all those Apple products?

    And looking at the TiVo Desktop page, the Mac software for Snow Leopard is “NOW” available? Like Intel-based Macs are something new?

    When is this service going to be available to the growing number of Mac users?


  • Alison

    I think it ought to be pointed out that many cable series are “blocked” from being transfered from your Tivo using this software.

  • Deev

    This is great. Now I just need a TIVO app for my Droid like I use to have with the Blackberry, I hope its in the works!!!

  • Aaron

    For marketing sake, please change the post to indicate that it’s available on Android phones (like you did with Blackberry), not “DROID by Motorola”. If you must mention DROID, at least include it as an aside, e.g,. “…Apple iPod Touch, several Android phones such as the DROID by Motorola…”. Otherwise it’s like saying your desktop software is only available on Dell PCs as opposed to saying it runs on Windows.

    On a related note, what minimum Android version is required for the new software?

  • Rob

    Why are the transfers limited to 640×480 resolution, when the iPAD is capable of showing video at 1024×768 (I think)? The transferred video files can look much better than the \less than dvd\ resolution of 640×480.

  • Tim

    Great to see Tivo Desktop getting a much needed update, but even though these features expand content onto more devices, the amount of transferable content over the last few years has dramatically shrunk as broadcasters and cable providers copy-protect more and more. I know Tivo is not the one setting the flag (although there are other cases where Tivo to Tivo transfers fail), customers still experience the copy limitation by interacting with their Tivo box. If an effort is not made to correct this (or if a solution isn’t technically possible), then the value of features mentioned in this post will drop.

  • Jean Harvey

    Thank you for your comments. I hope I can address some of your questions here.

    TiVo Desktop Plus is designed for Windows users, however, Mac users can use Roxio Toast Titanium software to also get the features offered through TiVo Desktop Plus.

    Yes, there are limitations on what content can transfer from the TiVo DVR to your computer, but unfortunately those regulations are determined by your specific cable provider and the limitations they have with broadcasters.

    Our ‘DROID by Motorola’ profile is specifically designed fro DROID usage. There are many hardware, software and video playback distinctions across Android phones; there is not a universal Android profile available at this time.

    At TiVo we try to enhance your viewing experience so you can have TV on your terms. We hope that these updates to TiVo Desktop will only help in giving you the entertainment you want when and where you want it.

  • Jack Koning

    Is or when will the desktop plus be available for the Andriod systems? I have a EVO4…


  • Howard

    it is official – I have 5 tivos – tv to go used to be the greatest thing ever – now 95% of all my shows are copy protected – Even Conan!!! I don’t want to deal with Time Warner – they are worthless and cable – let alone tivo. I would buy anything to get this working again. I understand the need to protect some content – but this is unbelievable.