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Greetings from TiVo HQ.

With today’s blog, I’d like to share an update on TiVo Premiere.  We’re now about 30 days into its launch.  As you probably know, we invented the DVR concept a decade ago, and with the launch of Premiere we continue to revolutionize the way people enjoy their TVs.  Premiere is the first device to marry TV and Internet content within a single user-interface.

With this in mind, I also know that some of you have experienced issues with Premiere’s performance. I want you to know that we ’re aware of this, and that our engineers have been working to address issues that users have already brought to our attention (by the way – I’m happy to hear your concerns and suggestions directly, too).

We’ve already updated the software once, which has improved the experience for many of our customers.  In the next 30 days, and the months that follow, we’ll send additional updates to your Premiere that will download automatically, and will continue to enable the Premiere platform to get even better.   For those of you that have been TiVo subscribers before, you know that it is in our DNA to constantly update our products.

Premiere is an entertainment platform that is designed to serve you now and in the future.  We will also unleash the first of many exciting feature updates for Premiere in the coming months.   We plan to make our subscriber’s TV experience better and better, and we’re working on a bunch of cool new features/content that we hope to launch in the not-so distant future.

Most of you already know that customers are our top priority and we have always been committed to giving you the very best entertainment experience. We know there are a number of DVR alternatives on the market.  I firmly believe that no one can deliver the access to broadband services combined with the search, discovery, and enjoyment of entertainment content that TiVo offers through Premiere.

Finally, I want to thank you again for your enthusiasm and dedication to TiVo as we continue down our revolutionary path. We appreciate your support and listen to your comments.

Jim Denney is VP and GM of Product Marketing for TiVo Inc.

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Showing 9 comments
  • Tim Rumford

    The update so far has slowed my new Premier XL down so much I barley use it. My old series two is way faster although I like the XL functionality better. I am glad your aware of the situation and hope you fix it soon. An email would have been nice. I was about to call support when I saw this notice and also knew there were upgrades going on, but many users don’t look and are not aware of this. I still love Tivo. I hope you fix the issue soon. I see your also inlisting users to help make Tivo better. Good idea.
    Tim Rumford

  • Mike Whitmarsh

    I have several of my personal DVDs ripped and stored on my home network.

    I would love to be able to browse and view these directly from my TiVo Premiere XL.

    Currently, I have to keep a Mac in my family room, just to watch my personal movies –

    Can you add this feature to an upcoming TiVo release? that would rock!

  • Jim Salem

    My series 3 out performs my Premier hand down. The system locks up all the time, I not as happy with the Premier.

  • Harvey Hirsch

    I see back in May, Jim Denney touted new software to fix the horrible version that current Premiere units have.

    Has anyone seen this alleged release now 90 days later? Is anyone’s premiere any faster or more reliable. Mine is neither and all of the promises are wearing thin.

    I challenge Tivo to admit their failings, make some sort of restitution to users and most importantly, as his bog post claims to fix the software. How this version was ever released I think disproves his contention that, ” Most of you already know that customers are our top priority and we have always been committed to giving you the very best entertainment experience.” I don’t feel like I am a priority to Tivo any longer and I have been a customer since the Sony/Tivo days. I feel they are more concerned on new features than making a box that works and works quickly.

    Feel free to contact me, I’d be happy to provide a direct phone number.

    Harvey Hirsch

  • Phil Robberson

    I purchased a new Premier a few months ago. I am frustrated that the software loses the parental control function if it is set to HD. I’m frustrated that the menus are so slow–each click seems to pause a second or two before the next screen comes up. I’m frustrated that after using the TiVo for a few months switching screens results in a minutes-long pause at times while a green circle pulses on the screen. I’m frustrated that after erasing the entire TiVo in response to this, Hulu and Netflix are completely gone even though the network connection is fine and has downloaded the program guide. I’m frustrated that I have to pay additionally if I want to keep using my older (also buggy) TiVo Series 3. Mostly I’m frustrated that I’m paying $20 a month for a slow, buggy implementation of a brilliant idea and locked in to a 2-year contract when DirecTV will include content and a DVR for a few bucks more.

  • Mark Chenoweth

    I was considering the Channel Master CM-7000PAL DVR, but then decided the Tivo Premiere series 4 would be a better choice. The $9.99 a month seemed money invested into a good product with a reputation and the comprehensive features and guide would justify the monthly cost. However, I have had 2 of these units in the span of a week. The first had issues in rebooting itself and then the starting screen just froze… no progress seen! It just didn’t feel right and the reboots made me return it to Best Buy to exchange for another. I am strictly OTA antenna, and a good system so picture quality was never a problem. However, the second Tivo Premiere was slow (had been hit with an upgrade of some sort) and the unit had a noisy hard drive. The sound never ceased and obviously the drives do not have a ‘sleep’ mode. Sometimes this deck won’t even respond to the remote’s command. Well, I now think the Channel Master might be the better choice. Anyway, I won’t have a monthly fee!

  • Mark E

    It’s been more than a year since the post above in May 2010, but I still have a Premiere box that freezes as well….and seems to be doing more so lately. I’ve resorted to watching more from my smaller tv attached to the HD model that worked much better than this one does. Please update your software sufficiently to avoid this at long last!

  • Mario A. Nunez

    My TiVo Premiere XL is very slow when moving from one menu to another. It has “frozen” several times (it seems overwhelmed) whenever is dealing with the “new” screens (the Premiere screens) but breezes through the “old” Series 2 screen searches, programming, to do list, etc.

    Have you put out any updates since 2010 to correct these issues?

    I also seem to be missing the SEARCH option when I go to the AMAZON movies download screen (I only get “Top 10 movies”, Top HD rentals”, Top TV shows, etc but there is no SEARCH option (if I wanted to search, let’s say, the name of a movie). Is very frustrating because I can only rent or buy from Amazon whatever are the those top movies. I cannot look for other titles that Amazon may have, but because there is no SEARCH option, I am unable to download. Is there some kind of “software fix” you can download into my TiVo Premiere XL?


  • Steve heller

    I just added a premier 4 to my TiVo family. unfortunately, i cannot see my other broadband connected TiVo’s thru the premier. i’ve searched quite a bit, but have not been able to find the reason. i did check network etc on my tivo page

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