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You probably know that TiVo continues to change the way people experience television in the US. But did you know TiVo is now in six countries outside the US – and we’re continuing to grow!  You’ll find TiVo® DVR users in Canada, Mexico, Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand and through a brand new relationship with Virgin Media, lots more TiVo users soon in the UK.

Each country adds a little different flavor based on their unique entertainment infrastructure. In Australia and New Zealand, for example, our partners created their own awesome on-demand video service called CASPA, and their own “supersized” versions of the TiVo HD DVR.

In Mexico City, CableVision provides a basic TiVo DVR with a localized menu system (en español).

A few lucky Canadians also have access to the standard-def version of the TiVo DVR through Best Buy, Canada. As the country’s entertainment infrastructure matures and more options for getting programming to homes are available we hope to bring HD to Canadians sometime in the future.

Our friends in Taiwan regularly offer great deals via very popular infomercials.  You can get free stuff with the purchase of a TiVo DVR – everything from a snazzy electronic toothbrush to a coupon for the hottest sushi restaurants in Taiwan.  The TiVo DVR there looks a little different too, it’s all white and shiny.

Our newest future location is the UK.  Sometime in 2010, Virgin Media will be offering TiVo set-top boxes, packed with features like access to Virgin’s TV and Movies on Demand, to it’s 3.8 million plus subscribers. This relationship, in addition to a recent deal with middleware powerhouse Conax, positions TiVo as a significant player in the European DVR market.

And TiVo isn’t standing still.  We’re continuing to explore new opportunities in many other emerging markets. Stay tuned!

Bard Williams is Director of Partner, Retail and INTL marketing for TiVo Inc.

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  • Velocitysurfer

    “through a brand new relationship with Virgin Media, lots more TiVo users soon in the UK” and in the process you have turned the existing series 1user who aren’t in a cabled area (approx 50%) against TiVo, as you are turning off the s1 guide data at the end of May 2011.

    Not one of these loyal users has received an explanation as to why you are doing this. We have only received messages telling us to upgrade to vm TiVo. The only option for 1000s of existing users is to reluctantly dump TiVo, and go to inferior solutions.

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