TiVo Premiere: The one box to rule them all

I am very excited to have announced our latest product, the TiVo ® Premiere box, last week.  TiVo Premiere is designed from the ground up to make TV more fun.  We do this by incorporating TV, movies, music and web content into one simple to use, easy to customize experience.

We have been thinking about and working on this product for a long time, because making products simple is actually quite complex.  It was important to come up with a solution that allows us to move forward taking advantage things like HD displays and the fact that there is a lot of content available from different sources, but still keep it feeling like a TiVo product (simple and fun).  Margret Schmidt talked about the process to come up with the experience. Designing great TV is not as simple as it may seem.

It is great to have an opportunity to think about what the future of television can look like.  We continue to work to fulfill the vision.

I’m especially happy we were able to add a scaled video window into the new user-interface, now I can browse for all of this great stuff while I’m still watching TV.

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  • Fen Rhodes

    With the Premiere box, is there still an option to pass through (output) the video in its original format(s), so that all the scaling can be done by the TV if you want? The current specs don’t explicitly address this point, and the tech support guy I talked to said he wasn’t sure. I imagine this feature has been carried forward, but it’d nice to know for sure.


  • Banks

    This SUCKS! I haven’t even had my 2nd HD TIVO for a year. My wife is going to flip if i try to get one of these and they look awesome. Why do current TIVO customers only get $30 off the retail price? What kind of upgrade offer is that? I’ve had the original, a series 2, a dual tuner, and two HD TIVO’s. There should be a better upgrade offer for longtime loyal customers.

  • Seth

    I would just like to preface this by saying that I’m a huge TiVo fan and have had TiVo devices since they debuted. I would love to upgrade to a Premiere, but I bought a TiVo HD 1 year ago with Lifetime service. While the 50% lifetime discount upgrade offer is nice, I cannot justify spending another $200 on lifetime service. If TiVo had a transfer lifetime service option from TiVo HD units or even a small transfer fee ($25 to transfer lifetime service from an existing TiVo box), I’d jump on this box in a heartbeat.