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TiVo and HP have joined forces to help give you even more recording capacity and make sure you never lose the recordings that are dear to you. If you own a Series2 or Series3 TiVo DVR you can now use an HP MediaSmart Server to store recordings to easily watch at a later date. You can also access the recording on your Mac or PC, giving you yet another way to watch your shows on the go.

The new software application is free to MediaSmart owners, so you can start cleaning up your TiVo today!

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  • Peter

    Is this different than transferring a recording to a PC using Tivo Desktop? Does this allow streaming of the recordings on the server to the Tivo (ie not having to transfer it)?

    Does this require a software update to a Series2 or Series3 Tivo?

  • Justin

    How about a link to where we can download this software from HP? Thanks!

  • David B

    I’m assuming until we hear otherwise that this will be useless for nearly every Time Warner Cable customer, as well as other cable company customers who cant use TivoDesktop or transfer shows between Tivos due to the infamous “CCI protection”. (I.e., your cable company dictates you cant move your shows anywhere.)

  • Jason

    It would be nice to see TiVo partner even more closely with HP and offer some of the other TiVo-to-go features to the HP MSS, such as the ability to transcode shows to an easy format for watching on an iPhone or laptop, and also the ability to do automatic transfers of selected shows without the user having to be involved.

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